Product: Hair Food
Size: 125ml
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Item Code: HHF1
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Product: Coconut Hair Food
Size: 125ml
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Product: Amla Hair Food
Size: 125ml
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Product: Hair Oil
Size: 250ml
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Item Code: HH02
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Hairways Hair Foods are manufactured using pure essential oils as the actives. The variants are aimed at specific hair needs and can be used as leave on products,if so desired.

YELLOW: Undoubtedly,the most effective hair food in its class! This variant contains more than 12 ESSENTIAL OILS in its formulation and is able to help with several  hair problems. Aids in stopping hair fron falling and also breaking.  Helps to restore life to dry brittle hair. Helps to strengthen weak hair follicles and helps to control dandruff as well.

WHITE:This variant contains PURE COCONUT OIL as its main active ingredient. Excellent for deep conditioning of damaged,lifeless hair. Pure Coconut Oil has been used for ages as one of the most effective natural ingredients in hair care.

GREEN: This variant has PURE AMLA OIL as its main active ingredient. Scented with Jasmine fragrance, this product is also very effective in conditioning damaged, lifeless hair. AMLA OIL has also been used for ages in assisting with hair conditioning, mainly in India, but the effectiveness of this Oil has seen its use in hair products grow world wide.

HAIRWAYS HAIR OIL: A fine blend of ESSENTIAL OILS all known for their beneficial properties to hair and hair care. This product can boast almost more ESSENTIAL OILS than almost any other product on the market! Absolutely effective in controlling falling hair and thus helping to reduce balding. Contains essential oils known for stimulating hair growth as well and it is 100% NATURAL. Nature always takes its time, but it hardly ever fails us!! Excellent to use as a deep conditioner overnight, but can also be applied daily.