Mac Crown Manufacturers was established in 2007. The founding partners had about 90 years experience collectively in the cosmetic industry. Subsequently, however there have been changes but the focus of Mac Crown still remains the same: to provide our unique market with quality products that suit our unique needs.

Mac Crown Manufacturers is still in its primary stages, but we do have big dreams!! We are prepared to let our growth be slower but steady, thereby strengthening our foundations. However, it is important for the company to have basic values on which to grow : we will endeavour to always conduct our business in a legal, ethical and professional manner and not compromise our core beliefs of honesty,integrity and respect.

From very humble beginings, Mac Crown Manufacturers has been showing consistent growth and we hope to be among the leading manufacturers in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Mac Crown Manufacturers cc is a level 3 rated BEE company and both suppliers and customers can enjoy BEE scoring by dealing with us.

Our Brands:-